This unique offering is to help clients who have bought stocks with some broker’s advice, some expert on Business Channel, some friend/relatives/ or anyone who claim to be market veteran. Here we analyse the existing portfolio and review each and every stock after looking fundamentally and technically and then take calls on these stocks . We may sell all or part or none of the holdings depending upon the quality of stocks and the trends they are in. We check and monitor these stock holdings from sectoral allocation point of view and then suggest stocks to buy which can generate superior returns. We run very stringent checks on stocks and always stick to only top quartile of stocks .Its a win win situation for clients because people can make superior and judicious use of their existing account and can just add a layer of our consultancy to make money. We make those tactical adjustments by allocating different weights to different sectors and also across large cap, mid cap and small caps by seeing the overall tone and market directions.