Equity Services


Product / Service #1

Equity Research and Stock Calls: We offer stock calls on short term, medium term and long term calls which can have holding periods ranging from few weeks to few months. The stocks selected have the potential to garner returns from 20-25% to 100% or more. The stock calls are further bifurcated as Momentum Calls, Multibagger Stock Ideas, Value Investment Calls, Wealth Generation Calls.

Product / Service #2

Mutual Funds Portfolio Construction:

We offer specialised services in the entire gamut of financial planning. We help you to create mutual funds portfolio to build long term wealth .We bring the right mutual fund depending upon the cycle of market and help you to select the right mutual funds in terms of market cap orientation(large cap, mid cap ,small cap or multicap).We take exposure in specific sectoral funds to play the mispriced opportunities in sectors when the sector starts to turn around for good returns. We even advise clients to take exposure in emerging markets like Brazil,China, Russia, and even in funds which invest in US equities to partipate in growth stories of Google, Amazon, Tesla etc through some niche funds which invest in foreign assets .

We need to be adequately diversified in terms of market cap orientation, geographical diversification, asset management company diversification, sip dates appropriately selected,sectoral adjustments and even in invest in liquid/debt funds to get the right opportuntites in stock markets.


Product / Service #3

Financial Planning Boutique:

Financial planning involves meeting client’s insurance needs. Here we once again come at the forefront as we have strong research desk which covers and compares all the available products in the markets on various parameters.

The insurance needs can be Healthcare, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Plan, Home Insurance , or Travel Insurance. Then the next journey involves tax planning, estate planning and retirement planning and any other goals.